Thursday, March 25, 2010

If I Could Make Time Stop

Dear Time Travelers,

So I just finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife, I must say this is moving towards being on my favorite book list. This love that Henry and Clare share is so magical, I can't even describe it. Poor Clare, poor Henry, poor Alba, I did not want Henry to die, but then again he does still exist with all of this Time Traveling.

I must say, Clare and Henry are very sexual, I laugh. Audrey Niffenegger you shady lady.

I am so curious to see how the movie turned out, I want to know how they filmed Eric Bana being naked in front of a 6 year old girl. While I was reading, I could totally picture Eric and Rachel being Henry and Clare.

Honestly, I want to someone's Clare, but if I could have my own Henry I don't know if I could because I don't think I could be as strong as Clare. Having a time traveling husband would scare the living daylights of me. I would want a Henry minus the time traveling part. I just want to find a love that Henry and Clare have.

Find me my Henry.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A New Journey Begins...

Dear Lovers of Books,

I made a mistake, I thought I was getting Lovely Bones, but I'm not.

My new books arrived two days ago!!!!!!
I already started to read The Time Traveler's Wife. I think I'm going to have to read this one slowly because I'm getting so confused with all of the time traveling! HAHA. I like how in the first chapter Clare and Henry go straight into having sex. But on her part Clare's known him for years, he just doesn't know it. Hahaha I like how when he time travels he can't take his clothes with him. Hilarious, yet sexy.

Hilarious, yet sexy.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Gooooodies!

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

I've been waiting FOREVER for my dad to order me new books.

1. Time Travelers Wife
2. The Last Song
3. The Lovely Bones.

I haven't watched the movies yet, but I am a little iffy (I don't know if iffy is the word I want to use) about watching The Last Song, it's only because I could care less about Miley Cyrus. Ugh, I like all the women who played the lead in Nicholas Sparks movies: Rachel McAdams, Mandy Moore, Amanda (I can't spell her last name) and Diane Lane. I don't think I can put Miley in that same category.

I can't wait until they come!!! I'll be checking the mail everyday(: I feel like a giddy child.

Giddy Child.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1 month and about 2 weeks later...

Dear Someone Who Hasn't Given Up On Me....


I didn't think it would take me this long, but it did. Life's obstacles can get in the way, moving, remodeling, school starting, parents visting, work, etc. I had to keep making new goals for myself, but I did it. I finished it 2 days before the movie comes out!!! YAY! I am interested to see how different it is and how similar it is (the book and movie). I want to see if I can feel what I felt when reading it. Everyone says the book was sooooo good and they love it. Well I have mix feelings about it. Apart of me wishes Savannah and John ended up together, but epilogue says it the best. True love is putting someone elses happiness before yours. It made me sad to realize that John did what he did because he put Savannah's happieness before his. All I have to say is Damn you Nicholas Sparks, damn you.

What book is next?!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ruiner of Great Surprises

First off I want to say, thank you all for your support towards my resolution!

Dear World,

1. Warning: I don't write well. Maybe in the course of my journey I can be able to write a little bit better(:

2. I have a funny story to share. I went to the library because I really want to start reading Dear John, but of course all of the Dear John books were either checked out, being billed or lost. I was like great. I don't have any bookstores near me, so I was thinking where could I find Dear John for sale. TARGET! I rushed over there and sure enough it was on sale and 20% off! What a deal. I was thinking maybe I could convince my parents that this is what I really want for Christmas and maybe if I bought it they could pay me back. I called my dad and he asked my stepmom can she buy a book, my stepmom answered and she was like no you can't, I was thinking she might think it was too expensive or I should wait for it at the library. She calls me back saying you can open one present tonight, I was like uhhh why is she letting me do this. I come home and she's like some honor student you are. It turns out she already ordered off of amazon and wrapped it up as one of my presents. Man, such great timing! (:

Well its almost time for Santa Claus to come down people's chimneys! I hope everyone is enjoying these times with loved ones family or friends or maybe with a great book to read. All I know is I'm ready to start my adventure into Dear John.

Great surprise ruiner

P.S. Don't take the holidays so seriously, laugh it up a bit(:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Year's Resolution 2010

Dear World (or someone who cares),

Like many people I make New Year's Resolutions every year, but never keep them. This year I'm going to start off fresh. I just graduated high school Class `09 hoorahh!!! I just turned 18 and I'm at my first year of college. After graduating high school my life has had a down turn. For 2010 I am planning on turning a new leaf and get back to what I love to do. READ. It is funny how I forgot how much I love to read. It's sad how much Facebook and television has consumed my life. I am planning on changing that. I feel I have been getting dumber and dumber by the minute.


1. Bring reading back into my life.
(I'd tell you all of the rest of them, but I haven't even started to think of the one's I'll really keep)


Read all of the books written by Nicholas Sparks.

That makes it...
1. The Notebook
2. Message in a Bottle
3. A Walk to Remember
4. The Rescue
5. A Bend in the Road
6. Nights in Rodanthe
7. The Guardian
8. The Wedding
9. Three Weeks with my Brother
10. True Believer
11. At First Sight
12. Dear John
13. The Choice
14. The Lucky One
15. The Last Song

So that makes it fifteen books. I don't have a time frame, but I don't think I read slow. I would like to accomplish this goal, but if I don't please don't hold me to it. I might change my mind and only pick out the books that interest me, or maybe I'll read the books that have been made into movies and compare. All I'm saying is I have the right to change my mind. All there is left to do is pick which one I want to read first. (:

Goal-achieving freshman